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Saving water has never been so easy

Jets - One of the most Water Efficient Toilets in Australia

It’s a first in Australia and one that we are particularly proud of: our Jets vacuum toilets and urinals are the first to achieve 6 star WELS rating and WaterMark in Australia and New Zealand and are among the most efficient in the world. Jets vacuum toilets are the first to achieve the maximum available labelling score - making Jets one the most water efficient toilets on the market.

The Water Efficiency Labelling System (WELS) is a star-based labelling system, which was introduced to help consumers choose water-wise products. Choosing our 6 star toilets and urinals means you are helping to reduce water consumption and preserve Australia’s precious water resources.
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WaterMark Certification Achieved

Vacuum Toilets Australia is proud to announce that our scope has achieved WaterMark Certification. View our WaterMark Certificate here…

Vacuum Toilets Australia is proud to have been on the Special Industry Group (SIG) under the Plumbing Products Industry Group (PPIG) that has developed the new
Standards Australia Technical Standard SA TS:100-2015.  It was a long and tough job.

This is the first Standard for Vacuum Toilet Technology in Australia and NZ.  The Installation Standard is not far behind so we hope to have more good news on this for you shortly.

Our Jets Vacuum Toilet Pans and Interface Valves have now been tested to this Standard. We have passed all tests and have been awarded the WaterMark by our Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), IAPMO in Victoria.  We thank Glenn and Chris at IAPMO and all their staff for steering us so well in this endeavour and look forward to doing it again and again as we introduce more new products from our suppliers, Jets Norway.

Our first project since achieving WaterMark is now underway in Melbourne and we look forward to introducing this world-famous technology to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

We now count these projects in Australia;

Melbourne Water:  990 LaTrobe Street
Pixel Building:   205 Queensbury Street, Carlton, Victoria
Legion House:  161 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
Numerous mobile installations (NZ included)
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WINNER - Smart WaterMark Product of the Year

Three consumer and four commercial water saving technologies have been announced as finalists for the 2013 Smart WaterMark Awards.

Finalists include a vacuum toilet system from Vacuum Toilets Australia!

An independent Technical Expert Panel selected the finalists from products certified by Smart WaterMark over the last year.

Judging by Expert Panel members involved scoring each of the shortlisted products against four criteria:
  • Innovation – is the product an innovative solution to water conservation, and is it the first to market in its category?
  • Design – is the product easy to use, install and well designed?
  • Marketability – what is the price point, affordability and packaging of the product?
  • Sustainability – what is the carbon footprint of the product?

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We live in a world where access to clean freshwater is a privilege.

It's time to stop flushing this precious resource down the drain.

Welcome to Vacuum Toilets Australia. Our mission is the commercialisation of vacuum toilet systems in land-based industries. Our clients include consultants, developers, owners, government and investors. We provide training, supply and support of vacuum toilet systems in Australia. We are the authorised distributor of the Jets vacuum toilet systems and have over 12 years of experience in supporting vacuum toilet systems throughout a range of applications.

The beauty of the vacuum toilet system is that it sucks. Instead of using the energy of flowing water to push waste down a large pipe, a vacuum toilet system uses air to move waste through a tiny pipe. By simply creating a strong vacuum, waste is literally sucked out of the toilet and efficiently transported to the waste handling facility of your choice.

All this performance for less than 1 litre per flush.

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Are You New To Vacuum Toilets?

You may be surprised to learn that vacuum toilet technology is not new: it's been around for over 35 years. Jets has over 300,000 vacuum pans in public service today.

You may have seen vacuum toilets onboard aeroplanes, trains or ships. But if you have never seen a vacuum toilet in action, please take a look at this
video presentation from Jets. If you want to learn more, please navigate to our learning centre. In a short time, you will come to understand the significant advantages of vacuum toilet technology.

Save water - flush air
Conventional toilets use up to 8 litres or more per flush. Imagine that: taking 8 large bottles of drinking water and pouring it over your...uh, deposit. What a waste! Vacuum toilets use air and less than 1 litre of water per flush.
Vacuum toilets - the movie!
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the thrilling operation of the modern Jets vacuum toilet system. Direct from Norway starring the Jets vacuum pan, Blucher push-fit pipe and an all star vacuum pump duo. Music by Sukaflush. Winner of the coveted Golden Bowl Award (ok, we made that last part up). Watch it now.
Vacuum toilets suck
Yep, that's what they do. And you should be using them because all that sucking is going to save you heaps of water. Visit the Learning Centre to read more about the pan, pump, pipe and why you should care.

Vacuum Toilets Australia is a proud member of the following professional organisations:

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