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A Smarter Choice for Supermarkets - Collect Condensate Water with Jets Vacuum Systems

Jets vacuum systems are the smart choice for supermarkets, offering an efficient, cost-effective and flexible way to collect condensate water.
By using Jets vacuum technology, condensate water is transported vertically to the ceiling, eliminating the need for floor work entirely. When the time comes for a remodel, there will be no need for covering goods, time consuming concrete work or traditional plumbing. The vacuum system allows you to continuously monitor its components. Jets benefits your business by reducing future costs with the added benefit of less downtime. Download our full supermarket brochure
Choose Jets and be rewarded by Unique Flexibility:

-easy installation, no floorwork, less down time
-the condensate water can be transported vertically
-Jets vacuum systems can handle long transport distances
-easy to expand if more refrigerators are needed
-save money for costly contractors
While there is no need to:

-close the shop
-move the goods
-cover the interior
-break tiles or concrete
-lay new tiles or concrete
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